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300 pp.
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Publication date:
July 2019

Imprint: OUP Canada

Explore 3, English for Field-Specific Success

Student Book and Website Access Card

Becky McKnight and Patrick Peachey

Explore 3 is the third and final level of a theme-based, all-in-one integrated skills and grammar series that features high-interest Canadian and international content. In total, there are 5 units and it is expected that most teachers will complete 4 units during the 45-hour program. This built-in flexibility allows teachers to focus on the units they and their students find the most stimulating, and provides more variety for teachers who teach the same course successively. Unstudied units can also become extra testing material.

Explore 3 is aimed at intermediate students who want to improve their English for career purposes. The textbook contains two readings per unit, writing activities, listening activities, speaking activities, a pronunciation activity, an interpreting data activity, a revising and editing activity, and a watching activity, all of which are designed to meet the specific objectives outlined by the Quebec Ministry of Education. All themes and content in Explore have transferable connections to both technical and pre-university B Block programs. These connections are further reinforced by field-specific activities and projects in each unit that ensure students transfer what they have learned into practical application within their field of study, using both input and output skills.

This innovative textbook addresses the reality that there is rarely a common B Block demographic in CEGEPs or in individual classes. As a result, the book is designed to meet a wide variety of student needs. The goal: help teachers find common denominators that are meaningful to and manageable for the entire group, no matter students' level or field of study.

Readership : Students who want to improve their English in their chosen field of study. Developed for high-intermediate to advanced students of English as a second language, specifically CEGEP students in Block B of Quebec's education curriculum. However, any readers interested in building their English-language skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing could benefit from this text.


  • "[The 'Interpreting Data' activities are] one of the strongest features of the book. [They are] highly relevant and engaging."
    --Jennifer Caylor, Cégep de Rimouski

  • "Aptly addresses needs for both academic research-oriented students (pre-university) as well as professional career related activities, skills and strategies."
    --Lisa Deguire, Cégep de Jonquière

  • "The educational value of [Unit 2 Reading Between the Lines] is high. Having students understand bias and showing them how to read critically is essential. I find this unit very useful. If I were actually using this chapter, I would probably spend 2-3 classes on it. I find this book has a nice flow to it and the topics and activities transition seamlessly."
    --Laura McGee, Collège de Maisonneuve

  • "The strategies go beyond basic explanations and examples [that] students have seen before. These strategies will make it easier for them to use their creativity for various projects. It can also help teachers evaluate in a less traditional fashion."
    --Catherine Pépin, Cégep de Trois-Rivières

  • "I was pleased with the listening and watching segments. They are challenging in terms of their content, but not too difficult. I also believe students will be genuinely interested in these issues."
    --Hélène Prévost, Cégep de l'Outaouais
  • "The Strategy section near the back is AMAZING! Everything that [OUP] included are things that I was looking for. I love the annotated section with an actual hand-written sample. I've always provided my own to my students but this one is "official": it's in the book and makes it more authentic."
    --Achsa Ramadeen, Collège de Valleyfield

Scope and Sequence
How to Use Explore 3
Unit 1 Job Satisfaction
Warm Up Discuss jobs and job satisfaction
Listening "Positive Psychology in the Workplace: Thank God It's Monday"
Reading "How to Increase Employee Satisfaction for the Long Haul"
Watching "Humour at Work"
Reading "Top 10 Weird Job Interview Questions"
Speaking Conduct a job interview
Grammar Simple past and present perfect
Field-Specific Practice Write cover letters and resumés
Pronunciation ed endings of simple past tense verbs and past participles
Interpreting Data Analyze an infographic
Writing Write a paragraph
Revising and Editing Correct verb tense errors; improve paragraph structure
Wrap Up
Unit 2 Reading Between the Lines
Warm Up Discuss the media
Interpreting Data Analyze a graph
Reading "Global Shortage of Lifesaving Drugs Fuels Rise in Superbugs"; Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs in Spotlight at High-Level UN Meeting"
Writing Use persuasive language
Speaking Present a news report
Listening "The Fight Against 'Deep Fake' Videos"
Reading "Misleading Headlines Can Influence Readers More Than Actual Content"
Watching "Are Twitter Bots Invading Canadian Politics?"
Grammar Simple present and present progressive
Field-Specific Practice Analyze a news article
Pronunciation The s ending
Revising and Editing Correct verb tense errors
Wrap Up
Unit 3 Thinking Outside the Box
Warm Up Discuss creativity and innovation
Reading "Four Innovations Changing Our World"
Grammar Active voice and passive voice
Listening "Lego Kits and Your Creative Soul"
Field-Specific Practice Discuss creativity at work
Reading "Innovative Ways Companies Are Changing the Workplace"
Writing Paraphrase a text
Speaking Present on an innovative company
Watching "The Geography of Genius"
Interpreting Data Analyze a chart
Pronunciation Word stress and the schwa
Revising and Editing Correct passive voice errors
Wrap Up
Unit 4 It Just Isn't Right
Warm Up Discuss corruption
Reading "Why Corruption Should Matter to Everyone"
Listening "Should Athletes Be Allowed to Hack Their Bodies to Get an Edge?"
Field-Specific Practice Identify ethical issues related to a new technology
Writing Write a persuasive essay
Reading "It's Silly to Assume All Research Funded by Corporations Is Bent"
Grammar Past tense modals
Watching "Social Media Ethics"
Speaking Debate an ethical issue
Interpreting Data Analyze a line graph
Pronunciation English stress patterns
Revising and Editing Revise for tone
Wrap Up
Unit 5 United We Stand
Warm Up Conduct a survey
Reading "Together We Succeed. Divided We Fail!"
Watching "The Importance of Open Innovation and Collaboration"
Field-Specific Practice Present on a case study
Reading "Better Together: Why Construction Needs Collaboration to Work Efficiently"
Listening "Is Mount Washington Observatory the Ultimate Zombie Fortress?"
Writing Write an essay or blog
Grammar Gerunds
Interpreting Data Analyze an infographic
Speaking Present a news bulletin
Pronunciation Voiced and voiceless /th/
Revising and Editing Correct gerund and verb errors
Wrap Up
Project A Job Search
Project B Field-Specific Research
Project C Survey
Research Strategies
Reading Strategies
Listening Strategies
Writing Strategies
Speaking Strategies
Vocabulary Strategies
1. Sentence Structure
2. Commas, Semicolons, and Colons
3. Verb Tense Review
4. Review of Contrasting Tenses and Question Forms
5. Modals
6. Conditionals
7. Passive Voice
8. Prepositional Verbs, Phrasal Verbs, and Adjective-Preposition Combinations
9. Gerunds and Infinitives
10. Noun Clauses That Begin with a Question Word (wh noun clauses)
11. Quoted and Reported Speech
12. Adjective Clauses (or Relative Clauses)
13. Parts of Speech, Roots, and Affixes
14. Common Vocabulary and Spelling Errors
Appendix 1 Overview of English Verb Tenses
Appendix 2 Irregular Verbs
Appendix 3 Question Formation
Appendix 4 How to Join Ideas with Proper Punctuation
Appendix 5 Capitalization
Appendix 6 Articles (a, and, and the)
About the Authors

ISBN: 9780199028726 Explore 3 Annotated Teacher Edition
ISBN: 9780199028733 Explore 3 Audio and Video DVD
ISBN: 9780199028740 Explore 3 Student eBook and Online Practice Access Code

Becky McKnight has a BA in English and Psychology from Carleton University and an MA in Applied Linguistics from Concordia University. She received her Certificate to Teach English as a Second Language from Carleton. She has been teaching ESL for over 30 years and currently teaches at Cégep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Pat Peachey is a teacher and coordinator at Cégep André-Laurendeau with over 20 years of experience in ESL instruction. He holds a BA in English and a BEd with a specialization in TESL, both from Concordia University. He also has an MEd from Université de Sherbrooke.

Special Features

  • High-interest topics connected to pre-university and career programs increase students' involvement and motivation.
  • 4-6 field-specific activities in each unit provide students with numerous opportunities to "explore" and connect to their fields of study and future careers, making their English language acquisition meaningful and relevant.
  • Authentic content from Canadian and International sources provides engaging global content that appeals to students.
  • Dynamic vocabulary development activities ensure that students acquire a rich vocabulary bank related to their individual fields of study and future careers.
  • Interpreting Data graphs and diagrams from authentic sources help students develop the skills to evaluate and communicate about data and information - skills that are essential in all careers and fields of study.
  • Learning Strategies in each unit make learning easier, quicker, and more enjoyable. A concise learning strategies section at the back of the book allows students to become more independent and successful at acquiring new language and transferring it to career and academic situations.
  • Project files enable students to practice all four skills while developing interesting projects related to their field of study.
  • A comprehensive Grammar Guide provides students with instruction and practice to master English grammar successfully while the contextualized content reinforces the themes of the skills units.
  • Explore Online provides students with rich interactive online practice anytime, anywhere. It includes: a full student eBook; all reading texts, audios, and videos in the textbook; interactive, instantly-graded practice activities; pop-up grammar charts and notes; and extra readings, audios, and videos.